"...Vases, once painted white, but covered in drips right from the start, with peels of paint, now grayish with age, coming off, is a detail of a landscape all of us have seen at one time or another. But the ornamental plants growing inside and the insects crawling over the cracked paint are rather details of a still life..."

Still life
"...Still lifes are nothing more than just grown-ups playing an entertaining game of telling apart living and non-living, edible and non-edible, man-made and natural things..."

"It seems that, in his landscapes, the artist cares more about their constituents, such as mountains, sea, sky, grass, clouds, a dirt or an asphalt road, a field, or trees, than about being accurate about geography and weather conditions..."

50 50
60 80
"...there is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about in traditionalism as long as it is an artist's conscious choice, not the limit of their comprehension. If this is the case, an artist does not try to forget the unforgettable, reject the unrejectable, or destroy the indestructible; instead they creatively reimagine the active life of forms and meanings..."
"...Talking of living and non-living things, the decorative flowers painted on the Chinese vases, which the artist has been so fond of recently, seem to be so much more alive than the feeble plants in his garden vases..."
"...The boundless sea of abstract conceptualist constructs has also shoaled and the artists, who have rejected figurative images, are now forced to return to at least associative imagery (that is, back to the point where their predecessors once started
from), or fly away to totally unfathomable, mysterious regions of abstraction..."

Old works
"...The artist manages to tip his hat, in a respectful but not obsequious manner, both to the carefully executed paintings by the Dutch Golden Age masters and to the triumph of the festive fleshliness in the paintings by the Flemish artists, who are traditionally seen as their «opponents»..."